Lost and Found

Losing a pet is every furparent’s nightmare. Yet, millions of desperate ‘Missing’ and ‘Lost Dog/Cat’ posters go up each year around the globe. Oftentimes, it only takes minutes – sometimes even seconds – of carelessness for a pet to get stolen or go missing. According to the UK National Pet Register, over 10 million pets […]

DIY Doggie Dental Care

Did you know that keeping your dog’s teeth clean may very well extend its lifespan? When conducted properly and on a regular basis, basic dental care practices can save your pet the agony of periodontal (dental) disease, which commonly affects dogs above four years of age. Although experts generally recommend a visit to a veterinary […]

Caring for Community Cats

You’ve seen them around: cats without a home, roaming around in your neighbourhood foraging for food, or getting into fights with other cats. Find out some simple ways to care for these community cats around you. Sometimes, acts of caring for animals may go beyond your comfort zone. We’re talking about not just taking good […]

Which Bed is Best?

Picking the right bed for your beloved pooch can be quite a daunting task, especially since dogs spend a large portion of their time (about 12 hours a day, and sometimes even up to 16 hours!) sleeping. Your dog’s favourite resting place is its source of comfort and satisfaction. And since it can’t speak for […]