Stomach Sensitivity in Cats – What should I take note of?

We all want our cats to lead long and healthy lives. However, similar to humans and canines, cats often have stomach sensitivities. This results in issues such as vomiting, constipation and/or diarrhoea. It is common for cats to vomit hairballs occasionally. This is due to them grooming themselves frequently. However, it is not normal for […]

Incredible Homemade Remedies for Dogs

Homemade remedies for dogs

For many, frequent trips to the vet can be rather costly – so we at Kohepets have come up with an interesting list of some homemade remedies for dogs! Pawrents throughout the years have all fussed over itchy skin, ear infections, excessive hair loss, stomach worms, and several other problems that dogs commonly face. While […]