WELLNESS Pawsitive Interactive Art Exhibition 30 Sept – 8 Oct

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As part of WELLNESS’s 10th anniversary celebrations in Singapore, WELLNESS Pawsitive Interactive Art Exhibition is the world’s first art exhibition for cats and dogs! Fans of WELLNESS were invited to come down to Singapore’s School Of The Arts at 1 Zubir Said Road to attend and enjoy the event with their furkids.


wellness event


With local artists helping to design and create the 10 art installations, furkids were free to roam around and explore the exhibits.


For Cats


These first thing cats and their owners were treated to when entering the exhibits for cats is the DEEP SEA FISHING installation by PAYNK.


Deep Sea Fishing


deep seas fishing 2


deep sea fishing 3


The 2nd exhibit was the RUGCATS display by Soh Ee Shaun. A collection of cat illustrations painted on bathroom rugs were placed on the wall and floor for cats to play and sleep on.




The next exhibit was a extraordinary playground for cats! IN THE CAT’S BELLY by Kelly Limerick. The installation was a huge cat-like structure where cats were able to the mouth and explore 4 themed rooms that contained items that piqued their curiosity.


Into The Cats Belly


cats belly mouth
This is where cats go in


cats belly 2
A look inside


cat belly 3
Look at the rooms!


cats belly 4
Full of fun stuff for cats!


cats belly home
“This is my home now”


cats belly stay


cats belly mine
“Can’t I play a little longer?”


The final exhibit for cats is titled HIDE & SEEK by Vertical Submarine. Inspired by the popular children’s cartoon “Tom & Jerry”, this structure allows you to play with your kitty by using a remote controlled mouse!


Hide & Seek by Vertical Submarine
Hide & Seek by Vertical Submarine


Hide & Seek
“Now where is that mouse?”


Hide & Seek 2
“Wait! I hear it!”


For Dogs


For their dog exhibits, there were a total of 6 interactive installations for pawrents and furkids to enjoy. The first exhibit was HEARTSTRINGS by Jes and Jalon. Toys were suspended on ropes to simulate an all-favourite activity for dogs – the Tug of War!


Heartstrings 1


Heartstrings 2


The second exhibit – A WHOLE NEW WORLD by Adeline Tan, displayed mouth watering delicacies on the wall via projected while a soundtrack plays music at a special frequency specially tuned to a dog’s hearing range.


whole new world 1
“What’s that I hear?”


whole new world
“Wait, is that steak?”


The third exhibit PEEK-A-POOCH by Jes & Jalon allowed dogs to satisfy their curiosity by peeking into peepholes to find little surprises.


peek-a-pooch 1
A backyard filled with curiosities


peek-a-pooch 2
“What’s in here mummy?”


peek-a-pooch 3
“And what about this hole? Anything different?”


peek-a-pooch 4
What kind of dog is that? Oh wait…


The next exhibit, HIS MASTER’S VOICE by Vertical Submarine puts your communication between your furkid and you to the test. Your furkid will attempt to navigate his/her way through a maze with only your voice guiding them.


“Is it this way?”


maze 2
“How about I take a shortcut? No?”


maze 3
“Oh well, I’ll find my way!”


maze 4
A well deserved reward


DOGGYLAND by Joscelin Chew is a furkid’s dream come true. Its a bone-shaped ball bit for both furkids and pawrents to frolic in together! Several treats were hidden in various balls to reward your furkid for having a keen sense of smell.




“Are you getting my good side?”


The last exhibit WOOF-ROOF by Joscelin Chew was a relaxation space for both you and your furkid. This large wooden kennel played a 30 minute soundtrack filled with barking sounds, songs and human voices to produce a different dimension to the space.


Woof Roof by Joscelin Chew


Sniffing for the right spot to rest


Fans of WELLNESS were also able to purchase their furkids favourite brand there. With the huge selection of fine pet foods, pawrents were spoilt for choice!


wellness cat food


wellness cat food 2


wellness dog food


WELLNESS Pawsitive Interactive Art Exhibition event will run from 30 Sept 2017 to 8 Oct 2017. So if you are interested, make a booking (slots for pets are limited to prevent overcrowding) and bring your furkid down for a day filled with fun!



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